Vanderbilt grad creates sustainable app

Param Jaggi, recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, is the founder and CEO of Ecoviate, an app striving to make sustainability a part of everyday life. The app links sustainability with beneficial rewards.

Below is a description from the Ecoviate website explaining the process:

“Step 1: (Snap) take a picture or video of something eco-friendly (riding your bike to work, planting a tree, eating meatless for a meal, a beautiful nature scene, etc.)

Step 2: (Post) upload the picture to Ecoviate or to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 

Step 3: (Redeem) receive rewards and discounts for living a green life

By using our app you will get a direct monetary benefit for living sustainably whether that be eating organic or spending extra for a green product. Your actions will benefit you as well as society. ” 

Additionally, Ecoviate has partnered with Trees for the Future, to plant a tree every time the app is downloaded in an underdeveloped area to support the local economy and a cleaner planet.

Check out their promo video for the Ecoviate app here!ecoviate